Krzysztof Kasprzak’s speech over „Stop LGBT” – full English translation

Historical speech by Krzysztof Kasprzak – a representative of the Civic Legislative Initiative „Stop LGBT” in the Polish Parliament during the first reading of the bill on October 28, 2021. With strong words, he discovered the true goals of the LGBT political movement, which was met with a hysterical reaction from the leftist politicians and the liberal media. Below you will find the English version of this speech.

Polish wersion of his speech: „Polacy czekają na ustawę #StopLGBT” – mocne wystąpienie w Sejmie

„Stop LGBT” legislative in Parliament – Krzysztof Kasprzak’s speech [PL/ENG]:

Krzysztof Kasprzak’s speech over „Stop LGBT” – full English translation:

Mrs. Marshal! Members of the House!

140,000 citizens – despite the time of lockdowns and government restrictions – signed the #StopLGBT project. It is on their behalf that I have the honor to speak here and present the bill. They are waiting for the draft, to which they signed up, to be adopted as soon as possible. They are watching this debate, are in touch with us and are interested in what deputies will say about their draft today and, above all, how they will vote tomorrow.

The #StopLGBT project was created as an expression of concern for Polish families and children and an expression of respect for the Polish constitution, in particular Article 18:

Marriage as a union of a woman and a man, family, motherhood and parenthood are under the protection and care of the Republic of Poland.

This is what this law project is for to ensure this special protection and care for marriage and family. Because the long-term goal of the LGBT lobby is to destroy marriage and family and all natural social order.

The initiators of the project and its signatories reject the principles of „political correctness”. We are not going to listen to the accusations of the left side of mythical homophobia – because phobia is fear, and we are not afraid of you. We are not going to apologize for the phrase „LGBT ideology” because they are supposedly people, not ideology. There are people behind every ideology, just as they stood for, for example, the communist or the Nazi ideology. People carry certain ideas – sometimes they are good ideas, sometimes they are bad. In the case of LGBT ideologies, they are extremely bad, as we are dealing with another installment of nascent totalitarianism

If we want to look for historical analogies, we need to refer to the 1930s, when the NSDAP began its march for power in Germany, just as the LGBT lobby is carrying out its march for the authorities today. The analogy is all the more accurate as a significant part of the NSDAP tops as well as the first SA militias led by Ernest Rohm were homosexual. Ladies and Gentlemen, the first homosexual militias were established in the 1920s and 1930s in Germany within the Nazi party. As one of the first biographers of Hitler, Konrad Heiden, claims in his work entitled „History of National Socialism”, Hitler in the first period of the NSDAP activity deliberately surrounded himself with homosexuals and trusted them the most. If someone is looking for the roots of the LGBT movement, be sure to refer to the biography of Ernest Rohm and his acolytes. It is true that as a result of factional struggles he was removed from power and killed, but if it were not for the support of the then political homosexual movement then, today only adepts of painting would have heard about Hitler.

The LGBT movement seeks absolute domination in every area of ​​life, to overthrow the natural biological and social order and to instigate terror.

We see manifestations of this in the West, where for stating biological truths that there are two genders, or for proclaiming quotations from the writings of St. Paul, people go to prison. Because yes, Members of the House, we have only two genders and a number of mental disorders that cannot be treated, because the terror of political correctness does not allow it. Anyway, this terror is already present at Polish universities and is breaking into schools. Therefore, we do not intend to hear screams about the alleged „restriction of civil liberties” – totalitarian movements and such is the LGBT movement, no freedoms are due. Promoting LGBT ideology is, in fact, promoting totalitarianism, as is promoting communism and fascism. Today we have a ban on promoting communism and fascism in Poland, time to add a ban on promoting LGBT ideology. Let me tell you what happens when homopropaganda is not inhibited. It then overwhelms social awareness, the sphere of culture, education, and political space, and achieves its goal in the form of achieving political goals. The LGBT lobby achieves its goal and gains the right to homosexuals weddings and homoadoption.

Let us give a voice to the victims of homoadoption. The victims who were laughed at by deputies of the Left when we sent them a letter describing cases of child rape. Victims they laugh at every parade. Just like they laughed last Saturday in Lublin, making themselves smiling selfies on the background of banners describing the harm done to children. Left-wing deputies as well as homoparad participants argue that they do not support rape of children. Theoretically you do not support, in practice you are laughing at the victims! The media is flooded with cases of pedophilia in the church – because wherever a homolobby gets in, there is harm to children, including in religious organizations. It is a pity that the media is not inundated with stories that happen much more often, that is, stories of children abused by the LGBT community.

Now it’s time to mention the victims. So far, nowhere in the world will there be a commission that will deal with LGBT victims, pedophilia can be prosecuted everywhere, but not at its source. So it’s time to say about the victims:

  • Let us remember a young boy who was raped by James Rennie, the head of an LGBT organization in Scotland. A declared gay, Rennie made films and took pictures of his rapes, he even let other homosexuals listen on the phone as he raped babies. He headed a pedophile network, and after his arrest, 125,000 photos and pornographic films were confiscated. For what else did this degenerate „become famous”? He cared for a boy and gave him to rape the homosexual HIV positive Neil Strachan. James Rennie has for many years advised the Scottish authorities on their „equality policy”.
  • Let us remember a boy adopted by a gay couple from Australia, Peter Truong and Mark Newton, who was raped by his guardians as a two-week-old baby, then his nightmare lasted for 6 years, when he was regularly raped and loaned as a sex toy to other pederasts affiliated in promoting organizations deviation. Truong and Newton used surrogacy to „win” a child who had fallen victim to their pathological tendencies. Peter Truong and Mark Newton took part in the public debate, were invited to the programs and played a happy and caring family in front of the public.
  • And now the Netherlands – years 2007 – 2010. Remember the victims of gay Robert Mikelsons – he committed rapes and molestation and together with his partner Robert van Olffen he recorded pornographic films with the participation of several-year-old children. Then he distributed them to a pedophile network around the world. The total number of victims may have been over 750, but he was proven „only” 67 cases. The youngest child who hurt was 19 days old. He was sentenced to 18 years and 11 months imprisonment. Before that, Mikelsons worked for many years in the Netherlands as a male nanny and tutor in kindergartens. He did so despite complaints about him, and in 2003 he was convicted in Germany for possession of child pornography. The Dutch institutions did not see the problem and gave him a certificate of good behavior (the so-called VOG) – after all, gays are such good people, they must not be discriminated against! This was exactly how political correctness worked.
  • Remember the victims of the lesbians Sarah and Jennifer Hart, adoptive „mothers” for six children. They neglected, beat and starved them. When the matter came to the ears of social services, they decided not to give up the children at all costs. They got into the car with them, speeded up the car on the rocky coast, drove off the cliff and plunged into the ocean off the coast of California. They and all the children died. The body of the youngest of them has never been found.
  • Let’s remember the 18-month-old Elsie given to a gay couple. One of them, Matthew Scully-Hicks, tortured her for 8 months and eventually murdered her. While Elsie was cared for by pederasts, social services visited their home 15 times and ignored the visible signs of abuse – the child had bruises and beatings, and was vomiting blood. Officials ignored signs for fear of being accused of homophobia and gave a positive opinion to the future murderer of a young child. This is exactly how the homoterror works in practice.
  • Let us remember Rhuan from Brazil – a young boy murdered by two lesbians Rosana Auri da Silva Cândido and Kacilla Priscyla Santiago Damasceno. Why was the boy killed? Because he wasn’t a girl – pathological minds work that way. The boy was first castrated and killed after a year, his head was cut off and his body was burned by lesbians on the grill.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are only some of the cases, not a month goes by without another equally terrifying story. How many do we not know? This is how the implementation of the demands of the LGBT movement ends – they say: we only want to be able to manifest, but this is an introduction to their revolution…. Gays want to adopt children to molest and rape them. This is because pedophilia is 4 times more common among homosexuals than among heterosexuals. The percentage of pedophiles in this group is disproportionately high, as it is as high as 11: 1 (hetero pedophile: homo pedophile), where with a huge disproportion, which is the number of heterosexual and homosexual people in the society, it should be 50: 1. There are many studies showing the number of homosexual pedophiles, such as: Freund et al. (1984), Freund and Watson (1992) or Erickson et al. (1988).

Honorable Deputies, if you do not stop the LGBT movement now, if you will not treat it as a real threat, these stories will also happen in Poland and you will be responsible for them.

LGBT parades are a key element in spreading homopropaganda. Without them, the LGBT movement will not be able to achieve its assumptions, without them it will not be able to turn Poland into a rainbow dictatorship, just as the countries of Western Europe and the USA have changed. LGBT activists in their manuals as early as the 1980s stated that the homosexual revolution must take place in stages. One of the authors of the LGBT strategy, Marshal Kirk, wrote that, if this campaign is carried out properly, soon society will recognize that the gay community is the godmother of Western civilization. At the same time, he recommended building a front for the fight against the Church – isn’t this what the participants of homoparades are doing today, attacking the Catholic religion and offending all believers? Isn’t that what activists transforming the image of the Mother of God into the image of the sexual organs intend? Attacking objects of worship during their street performances?

LGBT parades are a tool for recruiting youth into the ranks of this movement. It was well shown by the TV report „Invasion” broadcast two years ago on TVP (polish public television – translator’s footnote). Organizations promoting homosexuality pay for trips to marches to various cities in Poland. They often pay teenagers. Kids drawn into a specific company build a network of contacts, soak up the atmosphere of tolerance for everything, including perversions, learn contempt for anyone who opposes the new Marxism. Even if parents secure their children in schools by submitting a parental declaration that their child will not being educated in a gender-specific way, there is another reality – the organized capturing of youth into the ranks of homo activists on the occasion of equality parades. This action violates the parents’ right to raise children in accordance with their own values – Art. 48 of the Polish Constitution.

Therefore, if someone really thinks about the protection of Polish children and family, he must vote for #StopLGBT.

Today the state spreads a kind of protective umbrella over homo-activists. This year, the largest parades promoting deviations were held under the patronage of city mayors – Rafał Trzaskowski in Warsaw, Jacek Jaśkowiak in Poznań, Jacek Majchrowski in Kraków. Is this to be the protection and care that the state is supposed to provide for a marriage which is a union of a woman and a man, motherhood and parenthood?

Let’s move on. During the civic monitoring of equality parades that the Life and Family Foundation conducted already in 2019, we observed how huge forces and resources the Republic of Poland is engaging to enable LGBT activists to promote their ideology. We were i.a. witnesses of how the police formed a cordon to allow the parade to enter almost the very meadows of Jasna Góra (one of the most important center of catholic cult in Poland – translator’s note) – and this on the day when the children’s pilgrimage took place there. We witnessed first aid being provided to two young children, whom the police poured pepper spray on because they were standing on the LGBT route, near the picket line of Jasna Góra defenders.

The trials of people who opposed the march to the Częstochowa (city with Jasna Góra sanctuary – translator’s note) sanctuary lasted a year and a half. At the same time, not a single profanator of religious pictures and symbols was convicted, most of the applications were discontinued, the last discontinuation was made by the district court in Częstochowa in September this year, and several dozen people were the auxiliary prosecutors and the injured. These several dozen people heard that their „religious feelings” was a subjective thing, and the court discontinued the case, agreeing to the request of one of the homosexual organizations. Minority dictatorship in all its glory, but also proof that the current law does not protect against attacks on religion and believers. It allows the most daring attacks. Under the current regulations, the courts allow acts that offend everyone around them, and the perpetrators can go unpunished.

Members of the House, you cannot rely on the law that uses only the vague notion of „religious feelings”, therefore in the #StopLGBT project we propose a provision that talks about the converting of religious symbols (as well as national symbols and symbols related to the history of Poland) – a converting that is related to questioning the constitutional principle of the protection of the family – because in this precise context, it will be necessary to read the possible transformation.

It is impossible to allow homopropaganda and combat only its distortions. It itself is a perversion by its very nature. It is aimed at attacking civilization, the Church, and normal people.

Sometimes in the public space it is said that you cannot prohibit, but pursue excesses that sometimes happen. The past months and years have seen a series of evidence that this is a wrong approach. LGBT propaganda is an attack on culture, civilization and, finally, legislation. Homoactivism is not a grassroots social activity, but a top-down movement with a specific goal: the destruction of normality, the normalization of pathology, the terror of political correctness, the obligation to adopt a distorted vision of the world, and the obligation to live by this one vision. Take your freedom. Yes, Members of the House, the project that the Poles are bringing you today is a project that secures the freedoms of the majority of citizens. Because freedom is not the possibility of doing evil, but a space in which good can be realized. The political homosexual movement aims to reverse the norms and principles of society, and then force everyone to function on new rules dictated by them. First, to equate evil with good (this is the essence of the equality ideology), and then to ensure the domination of evil in the social space, and to eliminate good.

Members of the House!

The attack on Poland is underway by the left-wing elite in Brussels. Has Poland become so dependent on the EU whim that it is obliged to protect and care for not a normal marriage and the family based on it, but to take care of a pathology pretending to be a family? This vote will be a test of where the polish parliament stands today. Today you can stand on the side of your voters or implement top-down recommendations of foreign centers that care about the desintegreation of the social fabric in our homeland. This is a real choice you face when deliberating on this bill. I am now addressing the members of the ruling coalition in particular: in 2004, the late Lech Kaczyński, as the then president of Warsaw, wanted to stop the iconoclastic parade from going through his city. Even then, he knew that we are dealing with a dangerous ideology that must definitely be dammed. However, he did not have the appropriate legal tools. The #StopLGBT act already provides such legal tools.

I am addressing the members of the left opposition – child rape is a terrible thing! Wherever the homolobby appears, children are in grave danger. Don’t make fun of the victims. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder and prevent the sexual abuse of minors at its source. Are you able to give up political correctness for the sake of children?

Members of the House, Poles are waiting for your move. Take the side of normality: healthy families, normal marriages, innocent children – today at risk of demoralization and sexual abuse. If you allow homopropaganda to continue to dominate, you will not stop the movement’s political postulates when they will be brought up as planned changes to the law. A hundred years ago, our great-grandfathers risked their lives to defend their homeland against bolshevism. Many died on the battlefield. Your task today is to save us from the new bolshevism, which is as dangerous as that of the early twentieth century. You don’t have to shed blood, you just need to support the #StopLGBT project upraised by citizens. We are watching what you will do, we are waiting for your action.

Krzysztof Kasprzak, October 28, 2021 in polish parliament.

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